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Virtual Wedding Platform

Make your dream wedding come true, virtually.

Achieve an unique wedding with Virtuwed.

Enriching Weddings Through Innovative Digital Experiences.

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Virtual 360° Wedding

With Virtuwed, bring the concept of your dream wedding into our virtual platform, allowing guests to experience the sacredness of your wedding digitally.

Explore the 360° Virtual Wedding

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Digital Invitations

Welcome to the new era of integrated digital invitations, directly linked to our 360 Virtual Room, and say goodbye to the old-fashioned digital invitation era.

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Elegant & Exclusive Design

We craft the wedding concept specially for you and seamlessly integrate it with our 360 Virtual Platform.

Find Your Dream Design

Integrate your Wedding with our Best Features

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  • Two-Way Live Streaming

  • Digital Gifts

  • Wedding Wishes

Virtuwed Packages

Virtuwed Premium

  • Digital Invitations (500 Guests)

  • Virtual Reception

  • Wedding Photo Gallery

  • Video Call

  • Wedding Live Streaming

  • Digital Gifts

  • Accessible for 1 Year

Virtuwed Priority

Everything included in Virtuwed Premium, Plus:

  • Livestreaming with Professional Camera

  • Video Call with 40-inch TV

  • Dedicated Internet

  • 360-Degree Documentation

What They Say

Offering the finest solutions for your special moments to become unforgettable. Experience a captivating wedding journey.

Naufal Nabilansyah

Project Manager


Mudah. Dapat diandalkan. Dengan virtuwed, kami dapat mengadakan resepsi dengan skalabilitas luas.

Hasnat Ferdiananda

CTO Cobadulu Academy


Berkat layanan virtuwed, acara kami bisa menjangkau banyak orang.

M Rafly Pratama

CTO of Upgradia


Virtuwed pelayanannya memuaskan, ramah. Aku sama aura sukaaa, pemakaiannya mudah banget.

Raka Putra Ramadhan

UI/UX Designer


Gampang banget tinggal ke websitenya karena dia user friendly, thankyou virtuwed!.

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Immerse yourself in an unforgettable wedding experience with Virtuwed.

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General FAQs

Everything you need to know about our products and how they work. Can't find an answer? Contact us.

What is Virtuwed?

Virtuwed is a virtual wedding platform featuring digital invitations, a 360 platform, photo gallery, video call, live streaming, and more.

What are the key features offered by Virtuwed?

Key features include digital invitations, digital gifts, virtual reception, wedding photo gallery, video call, and wedding live streaming.

What packages does Virtuwed offer?

There are 2 packages: VIRTUWED Premium (2 Million Rupiah) for intimate weddings, and VIRTUWED Priority (10 Million Rupiah) with more professional services.

Is there an additional cost for adding guests to VIRTUWED Premium?

Yes, adding 100 guests incurs an additional fee of Rp.50,000.

Why choose Virtuwed for your wedding?

Virtuwed provides an economical and innovative solution to create an unforgettable wedding with affordable costs and accessibility from anywhere.